Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pinnacle of piousness!

My friend's boyfriend's uncle was coming to visit them. So she scurried home several hours in advance to "purify" their home, in preparation. Here goes a true story from the famous uncle's legend: He was once visiting a family friend. While using their bathroom, he noticed a Victoria Secret catalog in one of their bathroom shelves. He promptly took it to the trash, feeling very honored to have helped a friend to become more "holy" and "virtuous"!

Even funnier is when you let you imagination run wild and picture what people would do to "clean up" if he were visiting their home.. LOL! I hope my friend's home doesnt get incarcerated in a month-long purification ritual because he spotted pills on an old shopping bill or "carmen electra" in the search history on their PC :p

What terror are tornados and thieves, when you have uncles like these :p

The next day.

Of course I did ask my friend how things turned out with the visit and what "scandalous" things he helped them renounce. "Hmm.. no.. no such happened", she said. Just as I was getting disappointed that all this hype was in vain and that I lost a good story, she continued: In an effort to find something to do that was far fetched from any controversy, my friend suggested that they all go see this documentary, "An Inconvinient Truth" (In case you havent heard, it is a documentary on Al Gore's efforts to raise awareness on the issues concerning global warming - a very informative and entertaining piece of work). The uncle promptly decided against the idea because he did not *believe* in global warming! According to his orthodox religious beliefs, nature is God and cannot be affected by any of human's activities.

Howizdat for a story! Me likeyyyyyy :D