Monday, July 02, 2007

Lesser Beings

Unalienable feelings tell me that right at this moment I should have been hanging upside down from a tree or licking myself clean or sleeping standing up or guarding eggs, instead of wasting my time wording this rant. God made a eleventh-hour decision to make me "civilized" and so here I am - inadept at climbing a tree, cringing at the thought of my own saliva on my own skin, able to day-dream but unable to sleep standing, unqualified to lay eggs..... but totally appreciative of our incessant use of grey cells for mindless inventions of unnecessary mechanisms to help us do even more pointless things. But once in a while, like now, lightning strikes and for a brief moment as I stand semi-dazed, I look at myself and think "This was not what was meant to be".

Ironically, this time the lightning strike was induced by a creation by a few saner ones of the civilized kind: a movie called 'Animals are Beautiful People' (a fantabulastic movie for an animal lover, but still makes for a good watch just by virtue of being hillarious). A flurry of feelings convince me that we are plumetting headlong down the evolution trench instead of moving up the ladder, as we claim it to be. While I wont deny that it is partly because I should have been born in a zoo, it sounds pretty rational to my constantly tornado-ing human mind too. I noodle over thoughts ...

  • Isnt it all wrong that we need to be taught 'right' and 'wrong' all our lives, and right is not just instinctive like it is for every other creature?
  • Why do we have the need to seek meaning in things that are just intrinsically beautiful like love and life and happiness?
  • Which of God's beings but us are so tired of work that our ultimate dream is 'retirement'?
  • When you sit beside someone of your kind and dont have anything to say (and there is no idiot box around), so often the silence is "uncomfortable".
  • Being disloyal comes naturally, while no other creature can even be taught disloyality.
  • Suicide?
  • Every-day life is so bad that we all feel the need for regular vacations to "escape" from every-day life? We are one of the few creatures that can actually see the zillion bright and happy colors around us, but still are one of the unhappiest.
.... even if only briefly, before I go back to my potato-couching.