Monday, March 06, 2006

Behold the balloons

I wondered
All these people I see
Some known, some unknown
What do they think of me?

I wished
White balloons of thoughts
Popped from their heads
And showed me what I wanted to see.

I guessed
I would then inspect
How many people found me quirky
And how many found me pretty.

I conceived
Darting out those thoughts
That I knew were misled or those
That portrayed my person untruly.

I realized
I am me to noone but me
And it would take forever
Did I go on a balloon bursting spree.

I poised
Content the balloons are nowhere
And that things are just fine
The way they were meant to be.


Sarav said...

Wow! Seriousa kalakita di... I agree so much with the poem.

Prithvi Sriidhar said...

wow...such a marvellous poem this one..good job :-)

Anonymous said...

Cant decide whats more apalling - the bad poem (if it can be called that) or the "marvellous poem" comment.

you should disable the anon comments option to continue penning marvellous poems.


Prithvi said...

hmm....thanks for visiting my MSN space....hope u liked the blog.

Anonymous said...

Very nice poem...!

on a lighter note why white ballons ?

Harini Sridharan said...

Talk and thought bubbles that you see in cartoon books are white :).

LifeIsAGame said...
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LifeIsAGame said...

I used to get the same thought just a tad different .. wished the other person's thought went across their forehead like a stock ticker :). Well written poem..well articulated thought :))

direkishore said...

that was well written!

Anonymous said...

Kalakara, epdi ipdi laam yosika mudiuthu :)


Skylar said...

Hmm...err..Hmm...I wonder why we need to think about what others think of us....Atleast, I have personally found it to be quite distractive...:D


Harini Sridharan said...

Thanks for the comments/compliments, Sarri, Prithvi, Srini, Krithiga, direkishore, skylar (and others who left comments as anonymous).