Monday, April 14, 2008

Coming to terms with the real world

Been a few years now since I stepped out of my parents' home and set foot into the "real world". And I am still teetering my way through it. The protective walls of pre-reality life's lessons I built around me are still crumbling as I scramble about clearing up the mess and trying to re-build the wall with new bricks of wisdom. Blocks of wisdom that give myriad shades of grey to my wall. Pieces of wisdom that sometimes dont exactly fit in with each other, leaving spaces in my wall.

Building the wall is exhausting, especially when you want to build one that is pre-eminent. It gets to me sometimes and a slack sets in. Soon enough, the wall becomes brutally unstable. The wall that was almost undiscovered when steady is soon at the converging end of countless pointed fingers. But soon after is when I am usually thankful in life for the few who rush in, not to use their fingers to point but to use their hands to hold it up for me.

Sometimes I climb up the wall, sit on it and look outside at other people's walls. Each time I find the world more labyrinthine than I could ever imagine it to be. I do this more often these days just to remind myself that my wall is more normal than I could ever imagine it to be.

[This blog post was a resultant of practicing a writing exercise :)]


Akhila said...

so how is the wall coming on.... don't u think after some time u want to break it yourself and rebuild it again

Harini Sridharan said...

Wall is coming on good - Thanks for asking :). Have never wanted to break it all and rebuild it... the remnants of the past have their own charm and value :). I think they need to be there so I can look back and feel proud about how far I have come. What do you think?