Monday, June 25, 2007

Settled Scores

I tore up all the letters that I had tucked away neatly in that special nook in my cupboard. I threw the rubble into the drain and waited to see the words dissolve into a somber murk. It was over... finally over (- at least for now - somethings just keep coming back to haunt you).

It wasnt easy... parting with what you hold cherished never is. I had managed to put it off until then, convincing myself with puerile reasons. But ultimately, it had to be done - it was the "right" thing to do and the world seems to think that is reason enough to do it.

A week has passed since then. The bitterness of the parting has waned as if the emotions were never true. All that remains is a sense of relief - relief that I have paid my bills for the month, even if it meant parting with my cherished, hard-earned money. The nook in my cupboard starts filling up with unopened mail.


Sugavan said...

Looks like a good plot for a Stephen King short story titled 'The nook is never empty'

Rama said...
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Wanderer said...

Wow, that I really did not expect :) My guesses in your other twists were quite close :)

bubbles said...

O Henry is turning in his grave sweetie..

Harini Sridharan said...


:) tankoo