Saturday, December 10, 2011

Colors - as we see them

It was fall; we were driving
Through streets laced with trees
Bursting with colors.
And I was quietly smiling away
At their immense loveliness.

"What lovely colors!", he quipped
Startling me -
Not because he broke the silence.
He was partially color-blind,
Seeing colors differently.

I looked again at the trees.
Huh, maybe it would look even better
With the reds replaced by purples
And the greens with golden yellow.
(Damn, what am I missing out on!)

If beauty is in the eyes
Of the beholder,
Then I wish for more eyes -
Of different kinds:
A color-blind pair, of course.
And one blind eye, please -
How cool would it be
If the air were multi-colored
And all else was colorless.


[Inspired by Ilayaraja's:


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