Saturday, December 10, 2011

A core of more than just 0 and 1s

If I have a heap of a thousand grains
And I take one by one and throw it down the drains
At what exact point a "heap" no longer remains?

If I drive unsober, hit and hurt Mr. Chuck
Another drives unsober, not encountering a single schmuck
Should I be punished more than he, for my ill-luck?

If I write a song, make a dress out of meat,
Trace a painting by Dali and cook pancakes from buckwheat
What rules define which ones are art which are no feat?

If we want our lives equipped with better aides of actions
Is it time to tear down our digital curtains
And re-build it with a core of more than just 0 and 1s?


Anonymous said...

Nice! Very creative!! esp the lady gaga one!
- Sree

bubbles said...

kickass! Now 2011 was justified. can you pliss be justifying 2012 also?

hmmm... I miss you

Harini Sridharan said...

Miss you >:D<

Will make sure 2012 has its quota too :)